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Jersey Roots, Global Reach: 4-H Climate Science Educational Program

Kids working in a rain garden.

The Nature of Our Challenge

Global climate change is one of the most critical issues impacting our world today, from local communities to the world stage. It will continue to be a topic of concern for the scientific community, due to its multilayer effect on society from an environmental, political, social, and economic standpoint.

Our most vulnerable, particularly people of color, low income, and Indigenous communities, are more adversely affected by the impacts of climate change. As a result, young people in the two community site projects in Camden and Essex benefit from high context participation in the Jersey Roots, Global Reach initiative to educate youth about climate change and climate justice issues through afterschool settings and summer camp programs.

This project is part of the national CYFAR program of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA), which provides $100,000 in funding for the initial year (2009). The program utilizes collaboration across Rutgers University, including Rutgers Cooperative Extension (4-H Youth Development, Family and Community Health Sciences, and Agriculture & Natural Resources) and disciplines of marine science, geography, and environmental science.